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United Conveyor & Machinery Installation (UCMI) will demo an old machine, remove it from your plant, and install a new machine as well as hook up all the utilities such as electric, air, water, and coolants. Allowing you to have a total system reboot from just one contractor. We have installed machines weighing in excess of 25-30 tons on rigs from the floor level to 200 feet in the air. We have certified crane operators who have the ability to pilot cranes up to 190 tons.

Pipe Installation

Pipe installation is not limited to carbon, stainless, copper or PVC. UCMI will install all types of pipes including welded, sweat, glue, crimp, or threaded pipe. Pipe projects are not limited by size as United Conveyor & Machinery Installation will install any size project. We also offer pipe fabrication – welded flange and pre-threaded cut to fit pipe.

Our Work

The following gallery of past Machinery work will give you a feel for our aptitude and capabilities…

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